Electronic commerce, commonly known as E-commerce, is a type of industry of business product where the buying and selling of online products and services are done on the website. We have technical expertise & specialize in the development of E-commerce websites and thus we design a professional-looking website for our clients who want to sell their products online. If you are thinking of selling your business products online through the website, you have chosen the right place for the same. Our BrandIT Solutions team creates a personalized shopping website for you that can attract a lot of customers and help you grow online. We develop very user-friendly E-commerce sites for your online business and whatever your financial plan, we can offer you the best solution with the design for the fulfillment of your business objectives within your budget.


E-commerce is a business model that allows a person or company to do business over an electronic network i.e. The Internet, to do with. In short, it means promoting your business using the website through the internet.

Commonly you know online websites have services of delivering products like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Amazon, Shopcules, etc. These are e-commerce websites. There are many website development companies that develop eCommerce websites for individual administrators. A few E-Commerce websites are like single services or others can be multiple services. Individual online services are such websites where the entire e-commerce website is managed by a single person. All updates, deletions, and additions of the products are done from a single admin panel.

Let’s look at an example of a single eCommerce website for any business website. Imagine someone who built a single eCommerce website for their company service. In that case, the eCommerce product along with its cost can only be uploaded from a single admin panel. There won’t be multiple admin panels to manage the site. This clearly means that only one person can do business with a single eCommerce website for administrators.

BrandIT is a single admin e-commerce website development company. We support you from uploading the product to invoicing and maintenance.


Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is a sort of industry where the purchasing and selling of items and their services are done on the internet through online websites. That means promoting your business with the help of the Internet.

E-commerce is the current trend that both sellers and buyers want to interact with virtual networks. People don’t want to go shopping outside because they don’t have the time and as people become more interested in online shopping, sellers are finding new ways to do business. There are several managed website development company.

Multiple administrators is a type of e-commerce site that has multiple administrators who can manage the site. There are several vendors who can ask the website owner to host an e-commerce website. The service consists of providers that publish their products, prices, and quantities on their websites. An administrative area is provided so that vendors can update their products on their websites. Flipkart is a multi-managed e-commerce website. Various suppliers can publish their products on their websites along with prices and quantities. However, there is only one site master. So Flipkart manages all the transactions.

BrandIT is a multi-managed E-commerce website development company.