" No customer walks into your Business gives you money& then Says, "Dissatisfy me, Please"
AIM for 100% customer Satisfaction "

Offerings by Industry

Offerings by Function

Our Voice based and Non-voice based call center services provide 24/7 Outbound and Inbound services. Our non-voice support basically incorporates chat support as well as e-mail processing which enables our customers to cover any specific target group.

Non Voice Support

Our non-voice support basically incorporates chat support as well as e-mail processing and management. Our team is highly skilled in customer support services and handling customer queries, complaints, placement of orders and numerous other related services easily rendered through help desks. Our typical Non-Voice Support services include: E-mail Processing Chat Support

Voice Support

BrandIT offers an array of call center services which includes Inbound, Outbound and Non-Voice support like Chat and E-mail support to meet your business specific requirements.


Our Inbound services offer benefits including a skilled team of customer support executives, 24/7 services, sophisticated voice and data communication systems, continuous call reception, fast and reliable internet connectivity, cost effectiveness, advanced reporting capabilities, and high quality technology resources. A few of them are listed below:


Our outbound calling services increases your business productivity by turning your customer database into an updated, influential marketing tool and ultimately makes a significant impact on your business. Our range of outbound services includes:

Our professionals who have a command over their writing and speaking communication skills and can easily take care of our customers and maintain a balance between peak periods and off-peak periods by providing you 24/7 services. This allows you to concentrate on your core competence.